Linear Technology

Crossed Roller Slide Table (Aluminium)

NBT tables use own crossed roller bearings to provide very precise linear motion with low friction and high support stiffness for the load. A selection of 40 standard sizes is available.

  • Straight Line Accuracy: 0.0025 mm/25 mm of travel
  • Repeatability: 0.0025 mm
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.003
  • Construction: Aluminum carriage and base, hardened steel (stainless steel available) crossed roller rail set with v-grooved rails
  • Finish: carriage gold and base black anodize


NBT-1050SSAM, NBT-1065SSAM, NBT-1080SSAM, NBT-1095SSAM, NBT-1125SSAM, NBT-2035SSA-18M, NBT-2050SSAM, NBT-2050SSA-30M, NBT-2065SSAM, NBT-2065SSA-40M, NBT-2080SSA-50M, NBT-2080SSAM, NBT-2095SSA-60M, NBT-2095SSAM, NBT-2125SSAM, NBT-2125SSA-80M, NBT-2155SSA-100M, NBT-2185SSA-120M, NBT-2110SSA-70M, NBT-6110SSAM, NBT-6160SSAM, NBT-6260SSAM, NBT-6360SSAM, NBT-4085SSAM, NBT-4125SSAM, NBT-4165SSAM, NBT-4205SSAM, NBT-4245SSAM, NBT-3055SSAM, NBT-3055SSA-30M, NBT-3080SSA-45M, NBT-3105SSAM, NBT-3105SSA-60M, NBT-3130SSA-75M, NBT-3155SSAM, NBT-3155SSA-90M, NBT-3180SSAM, NBT-3180SSA-105M, NBT-3205SSAM, NBT-3205SSA-130M, NBT-3230SSA-155M, NBT-3255SSA-180M, NBT-3280SSA-205M, NBT-3305SSA-230M, NBT-1050AM, NBT-1065AM, NBT-1080AM, NBT-1095AM, NBT-1125AM, NBT-2035A-18M, NBT-2050A-30M, NBT-2050AM, NBT-2065A-40M, NBT-2065AM, NBT-2080A-50M, NBT-2080AM, NBT-2095A-60M, NBT-2095AM, NBT-2110A-70M, NBT-2125A-80M, NBT-2125AM, NBT-2155A-100M, NBT-2185A-120M, NBT-3055A-30M, NBT-3055AM, NBT-3080A-45M, NBT-3105A-60M, NBT-3105AM, NBT-3130A-75M, NBT-3155A-90M, NBT-3155AM, NBT-3180A-105M, NBT-3180AM, NBT-3205A-130M, NBT-3205AM, NBT-3230A-155M, NBT-3255A-180M, NBT-3280A-205M, NBT-3305A-230M, NBT-4085AM, NBT-4125AM, NBT-4165AM, NBT-4205AM, NBT-4245AM, NBT-6110AM, NBT-6160AM, NBT-6260AM, NBT-6360AM