Linear Technology

Ball Slide Assembly

  • Straight Line Accuracy: 0.013 mm/25 mm of travel
  • Repeatability: 0.005 mm
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.003
  • Construction: Aluminum carriage and base. Hardened steel balls and shafts, mild steel end caps
  • Finish: clear anodize standard, black anodize available at no extra cost



CA-.5, CA-1, CA-2, CA-3, DA-1, DA-2, DA-3, DA-4, DA-5, DA-6, EA-1, EA-2, EA-3, EA-4, EA-5, EA-6, MA-1, MA-2, MA-2.5, MA-3, MA-4, NA-1, NA-2, NA-3, NA-4, NA-6, NA-8, NA-10, SA1-1, SA1-2, SA1-3, SA1-3.5, SA1-4, SA1-6, SA1-8, SA2-1, SA2-1.5, SA2-2, SA2-3, SA2-4, SA2-6, SA2-8, SA3-1, SA3-1.5, SA3-2, SA3-3, SA3-4, SA3-5, SA3-6, SA3-9, SA3-12