Linear Technology

Low Pofile Crossed Roller Slide Table

LPTA slides are ideal anywhere low friction reciprocating mechanisms are used in automated equipment.• Straight Line Accuracy: 0.003 mm/25 mm of travel

  • Repeatability: 0.003 mm
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.003
  • Construction: Aluminum carriage, hardened steel roller rail set with double v-grooved inner rail
  • Finish: black anodize carriage, hardened steel base
  • Stainless steel models available (stainless steel rails, rollers, cages and fasteners)



LPTA-1025,LPTA-1035,LPTA-1045,LPTA-1055,LPTA-1065,LPTA-1075,LPTA-1085,LPTA-2035,LPTA-2050,LPTA-2065,LPTA-2080,LPTA-2095,LPTA-2110,LPTA-2125,LPTA-3055,LPTA-3080,LPTA-3105,LPTA-3130,LPTA-3155,LPTA-3180,LPTA-3205, LPTA-1025SS, LPTA-1035SS, LPTA-1045SS, LPTA-1055SS, LPTA-1065SS, LPTA-1075SS, LPTA-1085SS, LPTA-2035SS, LPTA-2050SS, LPTA-2065SS, LPTA-2080SS, LPTA-2095SS, LPTA-2110SS, LPTA-2125SS, LPTA-3055SS, LPTA-3080SS, LPTA-3105SS, LPTA-3130SS, LPTA-3155SS, LPTA-3180SS, LPTA-3205SS